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Jenn Ranalli is a world class delight  

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Jenn Ranalli also known as (@Jenn_Ranalli) is a high end performer residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Her talents are highly captivating, eye catching, and award winning. Aside from being an international sensation, touring with Insomniac Events: the biggest production in EDM music, she is a mentor, a business woman, an extraordinaire fire performer and aerialist, and an over the top quality dancer. Her performance skills are unmatched and have been featured on the news, in famous music videos, and in famous shows on the Las Vegas strip.

If you are looking for world class entertainment for your next event, Jenn Ranalli is the woman for the job! Jenn provides top quality circus and dance entertainment for events across the country.

Jenn teaches private lessons and hosts workshops around the globe. Learn more about Jenn as an instructor here.


Catch Jenn performing and teaching in Las Vegas - or join her thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok


Jenn is available for hire at events such as festivals, corporate events, stage shows, private parties, grand openings, half time shows, charity events, birthday parties, tv shows, for international and domestic tours, and so much more! She is also passport ready and willing to travel.

Trained Dancer

Jenn specializes in choreographed and freestyle dancing. Her strengths include being an Instructor, GoGo, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Jazz.


Flow Artist

Jenn can perform with 1-7 hula hoops at a time, including LED visual performances. Her other flow artistry feats include:

Flow Wand, Juggling Square, Isis Wings, & Fan Veils.

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Fire Acts

Jenn Ranalli performs Fire Fans, Torches, Fingers, Flow Wand, Eating/Fleshing, Breathing, Multiple Hoops, Parasol, Hip Belt, Skirt, Sword, Juggling Square.


Aerialist & Pole Dancer

Jenn is a Certified Instructor: Specializing in Partner Work, Silks, Lyra, Aerial Pole, Sway Pole, Chains, Straps, Hammock and Pole Dance.

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