Epic Adventure Photography Shoot with Daniel W. Woods

The very challenging conditions for this shoot were definitely worth it! The magic that Daniel Woods was able to capture with his camera was not easy. Setting up the studio was a lot of work. Between the rigging, the water and the studio the amount of man hours to get to shooting were a lot. It takes multiple days to set up and take down for a shoot like this.

Jenn was pushed to her limits during the shoot. The water was very cold and the shoot lasted about 90 minutes. By the end of the shoot Jenn was freezing and she commented that she was cold to the bones. All in all it was worth it!

#JennRanalli #rainshoot #DanielWWoods #hulahooping #lyra #arielsilks

#JennRanalli #DanielWWoods #Lyra #Hoop #HulaHooping #Rainshoot #photoshoot #Vegas #EpicAdventurePhotography #ArielSliks

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