How I started my GoGo Dancing Journey

Picture this: Walking into a festival for the first time, hair and makeup done, frolicking upon the most beautiful event grounds.. the grass is freshly cut, the crisp air pierces your skin, and you see the most beautiful girl on stage dancing to the most amazing music. Yes, you named it, that little girl from a small town with a big dream was me, staring at this masterpiece of a woman from the front row. I was in shock, I had no idea what go-go dancers were at the time, nor the fact that you could even make it a full time career. This all felt like such a dream and I was completely inspired to make it my own.

I had no background in dance, so I had no idea how or where to even start.

Our work is unmatched when it comes to our passion driven potential to earn great income.

It’s also unmatched in the lack of training, information, and resources to help performers grow their businesses.

So with all of this misused and false information out there: The question still remained unanswered- Where do I start?!? HELPPPP!!

I soon found the mystery girl in my suggested friends on Facebook, we ended up getting connected. I asked her how she got into dancing and what I should do to pursue it. She was a wonderful help and told me to start with a team- I auditioned with a group of girls called Allure Talent, and got the job immediately. Working with a team as I entered this new world was a big deal to me. They really shaped me into the performer I am today- giving me great advice on how to dress, do my hair, interactions with customers, staying safe in a crazy club environment, and all around having fun.

So how did I learn to dance you ask? Youtube, a full length mirror, and experimentation with all different genres of music. Make Youtube your friend, your very best friend. There is so much powerful content out there, USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Join group dance forums on Facebook (Gogo dancers, Gogo dancers international, Professional Gogo Dancers, just too name a few), connect with other performers, find a private dance coach. Think outside the box, create a video of yourself and send it to another experienced dancer who could critique you in a very straightforward way. All I had when I first started was Youtube and a mirror. I didn't take any dance classes at the time because I didn't have a car and didn't have that much money to be getting taxi's everywhere. Luckily, the girls on my team helped me: teaching me about levels, how to dance to different styles of music, speed control. All of these play a big role in how your overall charisma on stage will be.

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